Your Online Farm Review

This is my favorite online farm.  I am fortunate that we have many farmers markets here in metro Atlanta.  So I can get a lot of healthy, grass feed and pastured meats.  But even my great, local farmers can’t deliver all of the choices you can get express delivered from this online farm.  Yes they have real farms here in the United States.  Check them out today.  Order something you want today and tell me how you liked it.

Liberty Fitness Life Beef

Visit U.S. Wellness Meats today!

Our cattle are sustainably raised, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. We don’t feed them antibiotics or give them any hormones or GMO feed. US Wellness animals are treated humanely from birth to processing. Our farms use rotational grazing practices that don’t require any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. We offer the finest, nutrient-rich grass-fed beef available!

Online Farm beef choices like:

  • Steaks
    Ground Beef, Burgers & Sliders
    Jerky & Snacks
    Brisket, Ribs, Stir Fry, Corned & Stew Beef
    Bacon & Sausage
    Tallow & Suet
    Heat & Serve
    Organs & Organ Sausages
    Fresh Chilled Beef
    Cape Grim Beef

Not to mention all the choices of Lamb, Bison, Pork, Seafood, and Poultry!

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Good Fat, Bad Fat

Eat a High Fat Diet

… relative to carbohydrates and provided you choose good fats and oils instead of bad oils.

Ever since I have eaten a higher fat diet, combined with eating less carbs, I have become leaner and stronger. I have also had my gallbladder removed in 2014 and that has not effected my higher fat diet.

The Harvard School of Public Health has announced the results of a painstaking 20-year study: fat does not make you fat, or sick, or anything else we’ve been taught about fat. In fact, a high-fat, high-protein diet does not contribute to heart disease. For now, bear in mind, I have to stress that I am talking good fats (fish, avocados, nuts and the like).

So eat more butter (grass fed is best; is amazing), salmon, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avacado, tuna, sardines, cod live oil, grass fed dairy if you tolerate it, nuts (peanut is NOT a nut), and lard (again pastured and grass fed animals produce the healthiest fat). Put emphasis on Omega-6 oils, since Omega-3 oils dominate our diets. A good balance of these is preferred.

But don’t eat margarine, sunflower oil, safflower oil, crisco, canola oil, “vegetable” oil, corn oil, or other industrial seed oils like these. You can bet when you eat out, especially fried food, the restaurants have used these inferior, cheaper oils. Balance that at home when you cook with only good oils.

Read The Definitive Guide to Oils for the science behind these recommendations. 

“Not all oils are created equal, especially given the fact that most of the ones people use nowadays are actually created in an industrial laboratory. No oil “exists naturally,” mind you. Olive oil isn’t harvested by leaving open containers under leaking, dripping olives on the branch, nor is that liquid sloshing around inside a coconut pure oil. I’m not trying to disparage processing in and of itself. It takes a certain amount of processing to get any sort of oil, but a good general rule is to avoid consuming the oils that require processing on a large scale. If it involves an industrial plant, multiple stainless steel vats, a deodorizer, a de-gummer, and the harsh petroleum-derived solvent known as hexane, I wouldn’t eat it. But that’s just me (and Grok, who probably wasn’t processing wild rapeseed to get the precious canola oil).

But this is the Definitive Guide to Oils. Everything goes. No stone left unturned. No oil left un-tasted and bereft of analysis for fatty acid profile, oxidative potential, and rancidity proclivity.”

Get all the info you need to make your best choices with this great book:

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Olympic Barbell Quick Release Collars

Olympic Barbell Quick Release Collars

If you have ever used free weights in a gym undoubtedly you have used the gym spring collars to secure the plates.  These can be very difficult to slide on and off the bar.  Worse yet these springs become weak over time and thus dangerously unsecured.  Remember thousands of other people have used those spring collars before you have.  Imagine one side of your bar’s weights sliding out or off causing you to lose balance.  Injury is likely to occur in this situation, either to you or someone nearby.  The answer is to get your own Olympic barbell quick release collars.  They are very inexpensive.  They come in many colors.  They will be yours exclusively.  See my demonstration video below.

Get yours today on Amazon!

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Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

An at-a-glance education about the benefits of eating in alignment with human genetics.  The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid is far superior to any government food pyramid.  Keep coming back to this site for more information, evidence, personal experience, and simple tips in the near future.

Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

For more about this visit  If you decide to buy anything use coupon code PRIMALLIBERTY at checkout for a discount while it lasts. Expires soon.

See my prior post for ideas from the kitchen!

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Strength Training for Life After 40

Do you want to get the most physical benefits of working out in the least amount time?  Do you want to trade in the sick aging phenotype of loss of function, metabolic syndrome, muscle and bone loss, loss of independence, and dependence on pharmaceuticals for a healthy aging phenotype?

One of the keys, I’ll address diet in other posts, is exercise medicine.  Yes medicine.  There are general exercise prescription criteria (from The Barbell Prescription – Strength Training for Life After 40):

  • Our exercise medicine must be safe.
  • Our exercise medicine must have a wide therapeutic window.
  • Our exercise medicine must be comprehensive.
  • Our exercise medicine must specifically and effectively combat the Sick Aging Phenotype.
  • Our exercise medicine should be efficient and as simple as possible.

A barbell-based strength and program meets this criteria better than any other exercise prescription.  Strength training is a key for the extreme sport of aging.  Bet you never thought of yourself as competing in an extreme sport did you?  The book The Barbell Prescription – Strength Training for Life After 40 backs this up from the cellular level up to the practical training plan level in a jam packed 366 8.5×11 inch pages.

I discovered the Starting Strength program by Mark Rippetoe early last year.  Soon I regretted I didn’t find this years ago as Mark has been training people this way for 30 years.  Much agreed with what I learned over the years of athletic training.  But it goes much farther than reinforcing things I learned, but corrects things I had wrong, and backs it with science.  I’ll be quoting that book in other posts.  Below is Starting Strength method applied specifically to those of us over 40 years old.  Get yours through the Amazon link below.

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Learn to Squat

If you could only do one lifting exercise which would you pick?  If you wanted the most benefit for your effort you would pick the squat.  The squat works the most muscles around the most joints of any strength exercise.  No matter what your age!  If you can sit down and stand up from sitting you can squat. Learn to squat properly to maximize your strengty training. No matter what your age you need stronger muscles and bone density. 

But you do need to learn the correct technique.  Here is an excellent instructional video from Mark Rippitoe of

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Primal Kitchen – Limited Time 10% Discount

Primal Kitchen

Eat healthy from Primal Kitchen.  Use discount PRIMALLIBERTY at checkout.

Primal Kitchen

Try some ultra-healthy, tasty, low carb, high nutrient food choices from the Primal Kitchen.  For a limited time get 10% Off with coupon code PRIMALLIBERTY at purchase.

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A Superior Food Pyramid

Superior Food Pyramid

This is a superior food pyramid to the U.S. government food pyramid.  They are almost the opposite.  Use the government pyramid if you want to be fat and disease prone.  Learn more about the superior food pyramid for optimal health at The Primal Blueprint.

Superior Food Pyramid
From The Primal Blueprint
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Conquer Procrastination

Conquer Procrastination

To conquer procrastination you must first recognize the root causes.  For most of us the biggest barrier to reaching our fitness goals is procrastination! Have trouble getting started?  Have trouble sticking to your plan once you start?  Here is the answer.  A free E-Book by Antony Sammeroff to identify why you procrastinate and simple concrete steps to gradually overcome it.

Procrastination Annihilation!

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Welcome to Liberty Fitness Life

Welcome to Liberty Fitness Life Over 40 where I will share with you 35 years of accumulated fitness, diet, workout, sports, gear, and athletic wisdom.  I will be focusing for those people over 40 years old.  But all are welcome.   I have some unique perspectives.  I have coached sports for many years, primarily basketball.  I not only played youth sports and college sports I continued to play competitive adult sports into my 50’s.  I have a personal health challenge that is unique to the fitness advice world that I will share in upcoming posts.  For more advice, free stuff, and community support join our private Facebook group.

Welcome to Liberty Fitness Life

Yours in Liberty, Thomas Freese

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