Strength Training for Life After 40

Do you want to get the most physical benefits of working out in the least amount time?  Do you want to trade in the sick aging phenotype of loss of function, metabolic syndrome, muscle and bone loss, loss of independence, and dependence on pharmaceuticals for a healthy aging phenotype?

One of the keys, I’ll address diet in other posts, is exercise medicine.  Yes medicine.  There are general exercise prescription criteria (from The Barbell Prescription – Strength Training for Life After 40):

  • Our exercise medicine must be safe.
  • Our exercise medicine must have a wide therapeutic window.
  • Our exercise medicine must be comprehensive.
  • Our exercise medicine must specifically and effectively combat the Sick Aging Phenotype.
  • Our exercise medicine should be efficient and as simple as possible.

A barbell-based strength and program meets this criteria better than any other exercise prescription.  Strength training is a key for the extreme sport of aging.  Bet you never thought of yourself as competing in an extreme sport did you?  The book The Barbell Prescription – Strength Training for Life After 40 backs this up from the cellular level up to the practical training plan level in a jam packed 366 8.5×11 inch pages.

I discovered the Starting Strength program by Mark Rippetoe early last year.  Soon I regretted I didn’t find this years ago as Mark has been training people this way for 30 years.  Much agreed with what I learned over the years of athletic training.  But it goes much farther than reinforcing things I learned, but corrects things I had wrong, and backs it with science.  I’ll be quoting that book in other posts.  Below is Starting Strength method applied specifically to those of us over 40 years old.  Get yours through the Amazon link below.

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